Oddly when we talk about healthy living, we are normally thinking about either improving , heart or cancer diseases. However, your life doesn’t revolve around these two diseases. Considering this, there are many neglected health issues and one such is of bones. Make sure to keep your bone’s health at the top of your health priority. if it weren’t for my visit to the Islamabad diagnostic center, I wouldn’t have realized that I am putting my bone’s health at stake.

In today’s time, our physical activity is limited due to the change in work ethics. Most of our work is now on screens for many hours. This lifestyle has not only led to an increase in obesity but is also putting your bones at risk.

According to the doctors in Islamabad normally people think that bone is a lifeless and hard part of the body. However, in reality, bone is not only a growing living tissue but also made up of three major components that make your bones flexible and strong.

Things You Need to Know About Your Bones

It is a disease related to your bones in which the body is losing bones, not making enough bones to catch up with it or both cases. Due to this, the bones become weak and can break easily.

How Can You Protect Your Bones?

You are never too young or too old to take care of your bones. Many people think that it is a normal part of ageing and one should improve bone health in older age. However, it should be the opposite and you should be taking care of your bones since childhood.

With the age, keeping a check on your vitamin D and calcium intake is important. These two nutrients are necessary to keep your bones healthy and strong.

To further protect your bone’s health, you need to:

  • Opt for a daily moderate exercise
  • A balanced diet along with intake of sufficient vitamin D and calcium is must
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol
  • Add vegetables and fruits in your diet

Debunking the Myths of the Osteoporosis

Myth 1- Only women suffer from Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is more common in women but anyone can suffer from it. Older people are more prone towards this disease but it can affect anyone at any age.

Myth 2- No need to worry about Osteoporosis

This is really misleading. As per an estimate, about 2 million people end up breaking their bones due to osteoporosis, every year.

Myth 3- People Suffering from Osteoporosis can feel their bones getting weak

Well, the reason why osteoporosis is called silent is that you won’t know until you end up breaking your bone. Some people might observe the breaking of bone from once they break a bone in their spine or when they lose their height. You might not be able to notice broken bones as you might not suffer from any pain.

Myth 4- Broken bone, no need to worry it’s not due to Osteoporosis

At times, osteoporosis goes unnoticed and undiagnosed. When a person breaks a bone by falling or during an accident, it might be a sign of weak bone due to low bone density.

Myth 5- Diagnostic test of Osteoporosis is painful

The diagnostic test of osteoporosis is 5-10 minutes long using a central DXA machine and is not painful. Even the exposure of radiation is less so no need to worry.

Myth 6- Children do not have to worry about osteoporosis

Children and teenagers are in their growing phase. It is important for them to take care of their physical activity and the need to get vitamin D and calcium to avoid osteoporosis.

Myth 7- Drinking milk can prevent Osteoporosis

Drinking milk is good for your bones but this doesn’t mean that you are not at risk of developing osteoporosis. Some we can control and some we cannot.

Myth 8- Osteoporosis is not lethal

If a person suffers from the broken bone due to osteoporosis then it can be very serious and painful. Broken bones not only affect your emotional, physical and mental health but in severe cases cause death too.

In the End,

Just like you put other things on the priority list, keep your health above all for it is very difficult to manage life with any disease.

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