The body needs vitamins for body intake, one of which is vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 can be obtained from various types of the best foods that we eat every day. The following are the benefits and what best foods can be a source of vitamin B3 for the body.

Below are Some Best Foods that are Good and Easy to Find Sources of Vitamin B3:


Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin B3. At least 100 grams of mushrooms contain 3.6 mcg of vitamin B3 (niacin). However, not all mushrooms are suitable for consumption because some are poisonous and risky if consumed.

Tuna fish

This sea fish contains about 18.7 mcg of vitamin B3 from 3 ounces of tuna. This content can be felt when processing tuna by grilling or grilling. The normal number of nutritional needs in the form of vitamin B3 is 14-16 mcg. That way, the body can automatically meet the standard needs of vitamin B3 by consuming only 3 ounces of tuna.


This plant originating from America is also a source of vitamin B3. The nutritional content of niacin in 1 cup of asparagus is 1.31 mcg, a figure that is still far from the standard requirement (14-16 mcg). However, there is nothing wrong if you increase your consumption of asparagus every day.

Nuts and seeds

Vitamin B3 can also be found in various types of nuts and seeds such as peanuts, almonds, mustard seeds, and many more. In peanuts, per ounce contains as much as 3.8 mcg of vitamin B3. While almonds, per 3 ounces, save about 0.95 mcg. For mustard seeds, there is approximately 0.9 mcg of vitamin B3 in one tablespoon measure.


Milk is a good source of vitamin B3, which is quite optimal and good for the body. The calcium content also helps the body to strengthen bones and prevent them from porous or osteoporosis. Make it a habit every morning to drink one glass of milk.


Salmon itself has a vitamin B3 content of 7.56 mcg for every 4 ounces. Or for the 3-ounce dose, it contains 6 mcg of vitamin B3. Where to meet 37% of daily vitamin B3 needs. Salmon is similar to tuna, not all waters are easy to find. So that not all fish markets sell salmon. You can get salmon in modern supermarkets in your city. It even comes in canned or sardines.

Chicken breast

Chicken in Indonesia is divided into a chicken, free-range chicken, and turkey. Indeed, most chickens are sold on the market, namely chicken. For chicken breast without skin and baked 150 grams contains 33 mcg of vitamin B3.


Beef contains a lot of vitamin B3. For a 4-ounce serving of beef, it contains 9.25 mcg. For this reason, beef consumption can also meet your vitamin B3 needs even though it is not immediately met. The vitamin B3 content is not that high. However, it is still suitable for consumption if you have sufficient finances, beef, and tastier than chicken.


Eggs also contain vitamin B3. Divided into two, namely egg yolk and egg white. Egg yolks contain vitamin B3 0.004 mcg and egg whites contain 0.035 vitamin B3 with the same amount of 1 egg. Vilitra and Cenforce 150 are very useful for men’s health. Even eggs themselves are very good for heart health.


The type of mango fruit is mostly grown in Indonesia. Because of both of the shape or kind and taste. For medium-sized mangoes, one mango contains 1.5 mcg of vitamin B3. This mango also contains many vitamins E, vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta carotene. Consumption of mangoes includes meeting your daily vitamin B3 needs naturally.

Benefits of Vitamin B3 Best Foods

Lowers Cholesterol

B3 can lower cholesterol in the blood by consuming B3 every day. The purpose of this cholesterol is that it kills bad cholesterol and can increase good cholesterol because good cholesterol can be useful for the body. According to research, 1100 grams of vitamin B, which is consumed daily, is effective in killing bad cholesterol and restoring good cholesterol. Not only that, vitamin B3 can prevent plaque thickening on artery walls.

Treat bodyguard

This muscle weakness or weakness can be easily overcome with vitamin B3. This kind of thing is usually caused by a very severe deficiency of vitamin B3. Therefore, it requires a lot of vitamin B3 to restore it, not to happen later. In addition, a person suffering from pellagra does need vitamin B3 supplements to increase immunity and is very suitable for the diet.

Treat pain

Apart from functioning to relieve swelling, this vitamin can cure the pain that is felt by everyone. Likewise, this drug helps stabilize the body’s metabolism.

Beauty care

Currently, many cosmetics and beauty tools provide vitamin B3 content in their products. Therefore, if you want natural and natural B3, you can consume the best foods that contain B3. Of course, for beauty, it is not only vitamin B3 but requires other vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Treat The Heart

Besides being good for preventing diabetes and curing diabetes, vitamin B3 is also very effective for maintaining heart health, especially for those who have weak hearts. Taking vitamin B3 regularly can help and heal and get good mental health.

Produce Hormones

The production of hormones in our bodies is also triggered by vitamins. One of them is vitamin B3. The body has adrenal glands to produce hormones and related stress. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 to improve ED.

Even vitamin B3 is what stimulates the adrenal glands to work to produce more hormones. Of course, it is closely related to the fertility of both male and female devices. So that vitamin B3 is consumed more for those planning a pregnancy.

Prevent Cataracts

Vitamin B3 also has almost the same benefits as vitamin A. It can cure cataracts. Although vitamin B3 only works to help the wound healing system that occurs due to cataracts in the eye.

Cure Diarrhea

In addition to beauty, vitamin B3 is also useful for curing diarrhea. Because it works directly to increase the body’s metabolism, especially to cure diseases.

Helps Increase Appetite

Your appetite when you are sick will usually decrease. In fact, many people have no appetite to eat when they are not feeling well. Therefore some doctors will recommend consuming B3 so that stamina and appetite can return.

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