The Internet can be a strange spot. Every day, netizens discover unknown or astounding substance via online media. The peculiar food blends pattern is high on interest, and online media clients can’t get enough of it. This pattern essentially has two diverse food things joined, causing everybody to wince in one go. The most recent food combo that has entered the trend is Biryani with strawberries, otherwise known as ‘Strawbiryani.’

An image of the equivalent is becoming a web sensation on Twitter, leaving everybody can’t help thinking about what in heaven’s name made somebody give this mix a shot! A Twitter client tweeted the image saying that they made this Biryani, and now they need to know what desi Twitterati needs to say about the equivalent.

True to form, the responses were amusing and, for the most part, negative. Some responded with images, while some ‘dropped’ the food thing. A client composed, ‘Starting response was of stun, at that point fear, presently of interest.’ Another client was intrigued, who asked, ‘I’m interested. What reason do the strawberries serve? I see meat so it is anything but a veggie lover thing. Does it supplant potatoes? Or then again is it for brightening purposes just?’ One more individual picked mockery to respond, saying, ‘It’s acceptable. Can improve. Add a few Cherries on top and embellishment with pineapple cuts. Serve it in a chilled brew glass and appreciate.’

Exactly when foodies felt that ‘biryani with elaichi’ or ‘Nutella Biryani’ were the most noticeably awful things to burn-through, this dish certainly crosses one’s creative mind!

In any case, there are all the more such food blends that went into the ‘carefully no’ classification. The new models are Maggi Panipuri, Ice-cream Dosa, Curd Maggi, Kiwi Pizza and even Gulab Jamun Pancake!

Indeed, such analyses exist, and Twitterati had no dread in parading and sharing them via web-based media. Returning to this most recent food blend, ‘Strawbiryani’, would you try to give it a shot?

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