An older man at a money organization in Mumbai has been tricked of Rs 1.3 crore after a lady vowed to wed him. The lady had requested the cash after promising to marry him and deal with him at his mature age.

Jeron D’Souza, an occupant of Malwani in Malad, has now recorded n FIR at Andheri Police claiming that a lady named Shalini Singh become friends with him on the guise of marriage and afterwards conned him of more than ₹1 crore rupees. D’Souza had documented the protest in December 2020, and a case was enlisted on Thursday.

As indicated by the police grumbling, D’Souza had moved the cash to Singh’s record a year ago after she proposed to him and revealed to him that she would put away that money to begin a business so they could split the benefit between them, reports Hindusthan Times.

In 2010, D’Souza had sold his dad’s plot close to the homegrown air terminal at Santacruz and had gotten 20% of the deal value, which had added up to Rs 2 crore. Ultimately, he put the cash in four fixed stores in a private bank, where Singh works.

In 2019, D’Souza gathered an immense sum via interest on the fixed stores. “Singh from that point become friends with D’Souza and soon the two began meeting in eateries for snacks and meals,” said a cop as per the HT report.

Not long after getting the money, Singh cut off contact with D’Souza and escaped off with the cash to her town and supposedly wedded another person, reports Times of India.

D’Souza, before long, acknowledged how he had been cheated and composed an application to Andheri police as the bank, where Singh, a worker, was situated inside their locale.

In another episode, a senior resident was tricked by a school young lady after the older lady looked for her more youthful neighbour’s assistance for cash exchanges and portable administration in Delhi’s Nehru Vihar.

The young lady was captured for tricking her old neighbour of Rs 2,38,000 between November 2019 and March 2020 after the lady’s child came to think about the unapproved exchanges and held up an FIR with the digital cell of North District.

Accused Swati ( name changed ) unveiled that the hoodwinked one is her neighbour, who used to look for her assistance for cash exchanges and portable wallet the executives. In November, the casualty got another check card and requested her for the age from PIN as she was not all around familiar with that. On her solicitation, Swati went with the casualty to an ATM and created her new PIN.

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