Will a lockdown be forced in Mumbai during the rising Covid cases? At any rate, the senior metro authorities don’t want to bring a lockdown into power.

The city on Monday recorded 1,008 new diseases that raised its count to 3,34,572. In the meantime, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has inclined up testing fundamentally from 11,000 to 15,000 tests led in January to more than 20,000 as of now.

Upwards of 23,000 COVID tests were led by the metro body on Monday.

When getting some information about the chance of forcing a lockdown, civil official Iqbal Chahal said there was no immediate need to do as such. According to metro authorities, the flood in cases is an aftereffect of an increment in day-by-day testing.

An authority said the city had recorded an energy pace of six per cent, which is significantly less contrasted with different urban communities in Maharashtra. Thinking about this, there is no immediate need to forced a lockdown in the city, the authority said.

In any case, the authority has cautioned that if residents don’t follow the COVID-19 convention, the urban body might be compelled to make challenging strides.

In the meantime, Mumbai Guardian Minister Aslam Shaikh on Tuesday said if COVID-19 cases keep on ascending in the city, the chance of a nighttime limit or halfway lockdown can’t be precluded. Shaikh said neighbourhood specialists had been enabled to accept a choice on lockdown as and when vital.

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