What are The Top HP laptops?

 HP makes great many laptops, but by far their best is the Envy series. They may not be the lightest, or the cheapest laptop on the market, but they still offer the very best value for money.

For only $799, you receive a top aluminum style with solid state hard drive and extremely fast performance in a very portable package. The most basic version comes with 2GB of RAM, a large screen, and a full-sized keyboard with a TrackPoint button for easy input of data. The more expensive models include everything mentioned in this article, plus some extras that increase the value even more.

In this article we’ll discuss the HP Pavilion Envy xLS, which has the most revolutionary technology inside. It’s larger than many competing laptops, and it has a thin, slimmer design that slims the bezels around the screen, making the actual display much easier to see.

In terms of functionality, this is an average laptop that offers a decent amount of performance for its price. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more pizzazz, then this isn’t the one for you. However, don’t worry; here are my pros and cons for the HP Pavilion Envy xLS.

HP Pavilion Envy xLS  Looks:

This thing looks absolutely gorgeous. I mean, it’s about as thin as it gets, and it has such a sleek, futuristic design that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it right from the start. The color of the model is also excellent; it’s one of the most vivid colors available on the market. When it comes to design, this is definitely one of the pros.

HP Pavilion Envy xLS Performance:

If you need a gaming laptop, then this is it. Powered by an Intel i5-equipped CPU and paired with gigabytes of RAM, the HP Envy xLS will give you everything you need to play your favorite online games. And although it isn’t as fast as some of the laptops on the market (such as the Toshiba satellite series), it is still very smooth, and fluid, which makes it worth having even if it doesn’t have as high a spec as some of the others on the market. All in all, this is a great option for gamers. We can get high quality laptops from Laptop rental companies.

HP Pavilion Envy xLS Connectivity:

One of the main reasons that people are choosing a wireless connection over a wired one is because of the increased portability it provides. The HP Pavilion Envy xLS comes with three USB ports, which allows for fast file sharing, networking, and power transfers. All in all, these three ports are perfect for connecting to wireless networks, so you’ll never have a problem connecting to the internet or downloading and playing your games.

HP Pavilion Envy xLS Keyboard and Trackball:

 One of the biggest complaints about most laptops is the lack of a good, sturdy keyboard. HP has addressed this issue head on by including full sized, backlit keyboards with full size, touch sensitive keys for those who want a real keyboard. Other features include media controls, which allow you to control your media playing directly from your laptop, as well as a trackball for easy navigation. Overall, you’ll have no problem finding two or three keys to press at any given time, allowing you to perform a variety of functions with ease.

HP Pavilion Envy xLS Speakers:

Perhaps the most important feature of any laptop, and especially the one that will make or break your experience, is its sound. With many laptops you either get basic speaker sound, or a set of earbuds attached to your laptop, which can get annoying after awhile. HP has done a great job with the Speakers On Option included on the HP Pro Series. With this setup you get the true sound quality, and your ears will thank you for it when you crank up the volume on your favorite listening tunes. The Speakers On Option also has a handy feature that will allow you to turn off the annoying buzzing that some laptops make, which means you can enjoy your music without worrying about disturbing others.


The HP pavilion Pro series is available for purchase online, and is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, sturdy laptop. It is backed by a long warranty, which means that even if something does go wrong with your machine you will be able to get it fixed. HP has really upped their game in terms of customer service, and this is reflected in the reviews on the HP Pavilion Pro series. If you are considering purchasing one of these models, or any of the HP laptops for that matter, I would suggest using a site that offers a secure, reliable, and easy to use shopping cart to help you complete your purchase over the Internet.

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