In the wake of standing out as truly newsworthy over his questionable “tore pants” remark, the new Uttarakhand CM, Tirath Singh Rawat, is back with another – this time censuring the US for “a very long time of rule in India”.

In a video of his discourse, the Chief Minister can be heard saying, “America, which oppressed us for a very long time and administered the entire world, is battling” to control the Covid pandemic.

He contrasted India and the US on some COVID-19 cases. “Instead of different nations, India is improving in dealing with the pandemic. America, who oppressed us for a very long time and governed the entire world… it is battling as of now.”

“The US is number one in the wellbeing area but, they have more than 50 lakh (Covid) passings,” Mr Rawat added. “They are again heading towards a lockdown.”

“Who can say for sure what might have happened to India had any other person been the executive rather than Narendra Modi during this time… we would have been in a terrible state. In any case, he (PM) gave us help,” he said.

Mr Rawat added that PM Modi saved everybody, “except we didn’t adhere to his guidelines. Wearing covers, cleaning, washing hands and social removing – just a few group followed.”

The Uttarakhand Chief Minister simply recently confronted fire for his disputable remarks on ladies wearing tore pants and how they can’t – he feels – give the correct climate at home for kids. He said he was stunned to see a lady running an NGO in tore pants and was worried about the model she was setting for society.

“In the event that this sort of lady goes out in the general public to meet individuals and take care of their issues, what sort of message would we say we are offering out to society, to our children? Everything begins at home. What we do, our children follow. A kid who is shown the correct culture at home, regardless of how current he becomes, won’t ever fizzle throughout everyday life,” the Chief Minister had said.

The remarks, broadly reprimanded as sexist, sent #RippedJeansTwitter moving on Twitter with many individuals posting images and jokes and going after Mr Tirath’s comment.

A few legislators and entertainers had additionally reprimanded the remark, following which the leading clergyman apologized. And yet, he rehashed his issue with tore pants, saying he generally approves of pants; however, wearing “torn” ones are “wrong”.

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