A bizarre photograph of a vehicle loaded up with honey bees being driven by a lady has surprised the web. A lady from the US was shot driving a Toyota Prius on Sunday with a beekeeper’s home in her secondary lounge. Unusually, the vehicle’s windows loaded up with the beehive have all the earmarks of being shut. The lady behind the wheels was caught in a photograph in Daphne in the province of Alabama. Jocelyn Jordan shared the picture on Facebook. Jordan detected the anonymous lady passing through Mobile, Alabama, on March 19.

The image seems to uncover a wooden hive on the vehicle’s secondary lounge, with honey bees filling the car’s inside and windows. Nonetheless, the driver appeared to be unperturbed by the animals. As per Metro UK, the snapped lady was said to have been discussing over her telephone also while incalculable honey bees hummed all around her.

Jordan, who took the now-popular photo, told the news source how she pretty much passed on. Jordan was astounded, most definitely saying that she “nearly ran off the street” at seeing the vehicle loaded up with honey bees. She added that she could comprehend that the hives must be moved, yet there is an approach to keep the honey bees contained. Further expounding about the lady behind the wheels, Jordan said that she was visiting like everything was ordinary, adding that she even blared at the woman, thinking she’d saved her. The Facebook client, notwithstanding, acknowledged later that the bugs were creeping in the front seat as well.

According to a report in Yahoo News Australia, the one who remained undeterred by the honey bees professed to be the driver in the photograph. The neighbourhood beekeeper offered a clarification saying, “Sadly, I had a driver hammer on brakes to make a turn without motioning about a square or two up the street. That is the point at which the fitting for the hive came fixed when I needed to forcefully press the brakes. To perceive what it really resembles from the outside looks crazy.”

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