Are you already running a traffic-loaded website in Mexico that gets hundreds of visitors a day?
It sounds good! But do you want your website to get more enhanced resources to furnish super
fast performance and hit thousands of visitors a day? For that, you need to upgrade your
existing plans. It means only a small web hosting like Shared Server is not enough to serve your
site’s optimized performance. You should migrate or host your website on a highly upgraded
platform that gives you industry leading services and top-notch resources to boost your website
performance, such as Dedicated Hosting. But won’t it seem like a major investment for a
moderate website? Don’t worry! You have another excellent and prominent solution, i.e,
Dedicated Server Mexico that comprises the dedicated privileges at shared costing.
This guide lets you know why you should choose Dedicated Server Mexico to achieve
Superfast Performance and accelerate your business growth. But before knowing this, let’s
look at the basic difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting.

Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting
Shared Hosting is the business beginners and most common type of web hosting solution. It
gives you plenty of useful resources but limited ones that can exhaust after some time. In
shared hosting, various websites must be hosted on a single server. We can relate it to leasing

or living in an apartment where all the amenities are shared among all the peoples living in an
apartment. So, when you are ready to live in an apartment, you must agree to share the lawn,
playground, parking lots, and swimming pool. This is exactly similar to shared hosting, where
you need to share your memory, disk space, CPU usage, and much more specifications with
the websites hosted on the same physical server.
Whereas Dedicated Server is completely diverse from shared hosting, in which not even a
single resource is shared. All the resources and services are completely yours. A Dedicated
Server is similar to buying your own house. All the amenities, backyard, private swimming pool,
furniture are completely yours—none of the single people allowed to use them. Similarly, in
Dedicated Server Mexico, you get your private memory, power, hardware specifications,
flexibility to install custom applications and manage overall administration by yourself. Thus,
these enterprise grade services and resources allow you to optimize your website speed while
resulting in blazing fast and optimized speed.

Reasons to Choose the Mexico Dedicated Server

There are plenty of reasons to choose the Mexico Dedicated Server for your business. Most of
the users and business owners opt for the cheapest Shared or VPS hosting plans irrespective of
their nature or low cost budget. Whereas you might be unaware of the crucial privileges, you
won’t get with the low cost hosting. For that, only the Dedicated Server Mexico is the right
choice that gives you industry leading resources to boost your online business performance. So,
let’s dive into the true reasons why you should opt for the Mexican Dedicated Server.

Better Security

If you are more concerned about your website security, you should definitely choose the
Dedicated Server because there are plenty of options available for hackers to corrupt your
susceptive data. Thus, Dedicated Server Hosting enables you to customize the security
measures for your business. Since you won’t share your resources with other sites, not have the
chance to steal or hack your data. Thus, when you opt for the Dedicated Server in Mexico, you
are enabled to deploy advanced security measures such as cybersecurity, including DDoS
protection, SSL certification, malware protection, and much more.

Saving Server Equipments Costing

Buying the components on your own to set up a robust server infrastructure, you might need to
make lots of investment. Also, you may need to hire any expert professionals for its
maintenance that might be too expensive for you. You do not need to stress out neither you
want to invest such a huge amount in employing the dedicated server for your hosting. You can
opt for the managed dedicated server plans from the reliable web host to attain complete server
control, security measures, all the additional perks of the Dedicated server Mexico to avoid the
higher cost of equipment.

Complete Administration Control

No matter what type of dedicated server hosting you have opted for, your business. You gain
full root level access, or we can say administrative access. So, A Dedicated Server Hosting
Mexico enables you to customize and configure your server functions for better performance
according to your business need. Apart from this, a dedicated server gives SSH access to meet
your business requirements for disk space, memory, CPU software, and much more. You can
scale up your resources in one click.

Your Own IP Address

If you want the increased efficiency with fewer web outages, then having your own IP address
will greatly benefit you. So, when you opt for the Cheap Dedicated Server Mexico you get your
own unique IP address. If one website affects or suffers from Server downtime, then with
dedicated server hosting, you won’t need to face such issues.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Mexico

For buying the Dedicated Server Hosting for your business, you get plenty of options and
choices of the web host in the hosting industry. But it is complicated to find out the most reliable
one. After doing lots of research, we have found out the best web host provider

Serverwala Cloud Data Center, which gives you affordable and fully featured Dedicated
Server Hosting in Mexico.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is one of the best and leading web host providers in the hosting industry that
provide various secure and reliable web hosting solutions. The platform gives you the
most appropriate hosting, such as the Dedicated Server Mexico, at an affordable price,
along with such solutions. The company ensures to furnish you with powerful resources and
the best hardware configuration to give a super fast performance and a high jump to your
business success. Moreover, it provides diverse exclusive features and premium benefits that
you can employ to improve your website performance and growth.

Features of the Dedicated Server Hosting Mexico

Serverwala gives a valid reason to opt for its Dedicated Server plans to improve your
website performance and employ its exclusive privileges to accomplish your business
goals. So, here we compile the top features that you can have with your Dedicated Server
Mexico Plan.
● SSH or Root Access
● Free Server Setup & migration
● High bandwidth
● SSL certificate
● Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
● Anti-spam Protection
● 24*7 Constant Support

Plans & Prices

The company Serverwala Cloud Data Centers furnish you with exclusive and cost-effective
Mexican Dedicated Server Hosting plans and packages. You just need to pick the suitable one
for you.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews matters a lot? Yes! Most suitable to let confusion out and give a clear vision
about the web host you will choose. So, here we show you some of Serverwala’s top reviews
posted by valuable customers on the top brands.

In a Nutshell

Dedicated Server Hosting furnishes you with budget plans, meets your business security needs,
boosting your website performance, serving greater server speed, and much more. So, with

such worthwhile hosting, ensure to opt for a reliable web host like Serverwala that enables you
to employ the exclusive privileges of Mexican Dedicated Server Hosting to experience superfast
performance and better growth.

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