American flight nurture says she was stunned and contacted to get an unexpected blessing box and an individual note from music star Taylor Swift saying thanks to her for her work in the battle facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Britta Thomason, who heads the Air Evac Lifeteam base in Dublin, Georgia, a month ago gave a meeting to a nearby paper about her work, where she said she jumped at the chance to tune in to Swift’s music while unwinding.

Half a month later, Thomason, an individual from the Nurse Navigation Line for Global Medical Response teams shipped off New York and New Jersey a year ago, got an answerphone message from the artist’s delegates about a bundle being conveyed to her. After a day, a significant box showed up.

“At the point when I opened it, I was so apprehensive. I was shaking since it was so dreamlike,” Thomason told Reuters.

“I thought … it is extremely unlikely that this is the thing that it is. At the point when I opened it, the letter was really sitting on top … I opened it up and I didn’t really peruse the entire thing right away. I just peered down … and saw her mark and I was in finished stun.”

‘When I opened it, I was so nervous. I was shaking just because it was so surreal,’ flight nurse Britta Thomason said after she received a surprise gift from Taylor Swift

— Reuters (@Reuters) April 17, 2021

Inside was stock including T-shirts, candles, a cover, journal and champagne glass. Thomason said she was especially moved by a transcribed note in which Swift expressed gratitude toward her “for serving on the bleeding edges of this pandemic and for being adequately courageous to place yourself in peril to help other people.”

“My main thing about the letter is at the end she said, ‘I’ll be pondering you and always thankful, love Taylor’,” said Thomason.

“Simply that she would say something to that effect, that she’ll be contemplating me and that she’s appreciative for something that I do. It’s truly contacting.”

Thomason said her number one thing was the sweeping decorated with an image of Swift.

“I haven’t quit wearing everything,” Thomason said, wearing one of Swift’s T-shirts.

Asked what she would tell Swift if she met her, Thomason said: “I would say thank you for considering me and … all the medical services laborers out there, that basically she’s adage thank you to.”

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