An HVAC system is a complicated piece of equipment that is difficult to understand. Only the staff at an Air Conditioning Installation Company can know the issues developing and what solutions are the best.

HVAC Myths Are Debunked By Air Conditioning Installation Company

Ordinary people have limited knowledge about the HVAC system and experience in how to handle various situations. So when they talk about the air conditioning installation unit; they always spread lies that after some time become myths that have to be debunked. 

Increase Energy Efficiency By Closing Vents

If you close the vents in an empty room; this will increase the pressure of work on the HVAC system. The warm air stays trapped inside; thus making the room hot.

Maintain Constant Temperature Throughout The Day

A mistake people make is keeping the thermostat of the AC at the same temperature throughout the day; even if the temperature outside is cooler. This decreases the efficiency of the AC and increases the energy bill.

Call Maintenance Only When AC Breaks Down

People often confuse between maintenance and repair; they think that they are one of the same things. Repair is done when the AC has broken down. But you can call for Air Conditioning Installation Company maintenance service at any time.

Larger AC Unit The Better Efficiency

To some extent it is true that a larger AC unit is better; but other factors like the temperature outside, supply of power, and also structure of the house matters. It is not all time true that a bigger AC will provide better efficiency.

Only Thermostat Maintains Constant Temperature

Many times the thermostat is working properly; still, the house is either not warmer or cooler as it used to be. During an inspection, the HVAC companies including Wayne’s Heating And Air find out that air is leaking from openings around the house or the HVAC system itself is not working. This indicates that the thermostat is not the only thing that controls temperature.

Replacing Filters Once Every Year

People have complained that their HVAC system has not worked longer than expected. When asked about their filter replacement they replied that it was done only once a year. It has been recommended to replace the filters every three months. 

Cover The HVAC System During Winter

When you are looking into the HVAC facts or fiction; you will know that many points are false and need to be corrected. If you keep the air conditioning system covered all winter then it is a high possibility that it could get damaged by mold, small animals, and have difficulty starting.

Place Thermostat Anywhere It Doesn’t Matter

The temperature around the house is different; so make sure that the thermostat is placed where the temperature is normal. Otherwise, the temperature shown in the thermostat will be wrong, story mirror selling.

Buy HVAC Unit According To Square Foot Of House

Several factors are influencing the efficiency of the AC unit; not just the area of the house. Although you have to consider the size of the house; but keep in mind other factors as well.

Install Denser Filter For Better Protection

The disadvantages of a denser filter are that it does not trap tiny particles and also the distribution of air is inefficient. The unit has to take more power than usual to work properly.

Knowledge About HVAC System Is Not Necessary

If you think that only the Air Conditioning Installation Company should know about your AC unit then you have no right to install an AC unit. If you are not aware of the issues the system is having then how you can call the HVAC companies for their services.

So when you are looking into info about the HVAC system in your house; you have to distinguish between the truths and myths.

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