There are many methods for promoting pages with promo codes. The most effective ones are listed below.

Email newsletter 

Sending letters is one of the ways to inform about special offers, attract new customers and keep old ones. What can you do:

  1. Send a welcome email with a promotional code for a profitable first order. 
  2. Send a reminder about an unfinished order or an abandoned cart. 
  3. After the end of one of the promotions, send a newsletter with offers to buy complementary products. This creates a sense of customer care. 

It would also be nice to agree on an affiliate mailing list with third-party services (online publications, media, blogs, etc.). If you are promoting a page with promotional codes on an external resource, do not forget to include your offer in their mailing list. 

Social Networks  

Social media is not only entertainment and communication but also a great way to distribute the information you need. It is important to take into account the subject matter, traffic, and regionality of the public and groups. Here you can apply the following options for work: 

  • write posts in thematic groups; 
  • write enticing announcements in other people’s publics and groups; 
  • promote information from your page using targeted advertising. 

YouTube Channels 

For some reason, YouTube is undeservedly ignored, although this is a good way to beat all competitors and get great results. The essence of working with the promotion of promotional codes on YouTube is very simple: we are looking for a channel that is suitable in terms of popularity and topic, and then we write to the owner or representative to discuss the possibility of placing a bershka discount code.  

Important! Focus on small, well-engaged channels. Take the chance to place yourself on barter or through an affiliate program by promo codes.

Crowd Marketing 

Crowd marketing is an effective way to popularize a company, service, or product by posting natural links on forums and thematic communities by promo codes. At its core, word of mouth, as it is also called, acts as a method of communicating with the target audience.  Crowd marketing denies blind distribution and copying of hyperlinks. It uses unobtrusive motivation, friendly advice, and, as it were, random mention of the necessary information by promo codes.

The correct choice of sites for the publication of posts or comments forms the success of promoting special offers by promo codes. For this purpose, the following are suitable: 

  • forums;
  • question-and-answer sites; 
  • thematic articles with the ability to comment. 

Read more about the selection of sites for crowd marketing and the rules for working with it in the material

Crowd marketing denies blind distribution and copying of hyperlinks. It uses unobtrusive motivation, friendly advice, and, as it were, random mention of the necessary information by promo codes.

This is how the natural link mass builds up. In most cases, discussion participants actively follow the links left to learn more about the recommended company. 

However, it is important to remember the rules for posting crowd marketing comments: 

  1. We select the thematic thread of the discussion and at the start we determine the pains of the participants in the discussion. 
  2. Account registration: the profile must be filled in as much as possible, the required photo / picture on the avatar, a pseudonym and personal data. 
  3. We take a pause: you cannot post immediately, because the moderators will block the account. Two weeks should spent on communication, answering questions to the participants in the conversations, and only then posting the target post. 
  4. Mention of the company and link to the special offer: in the post, the link must be placed natively. Fasting should be useful, complete, and resolve the pains of the participants. 

Telegram channels 

You can actively use the strategy of promotional codes in Telegram channels. As in the case of social networks, here you need to look at the number of subscribers and user engagement in posts and you can get more promo codes.  

In addition, it is important to write a short but memorable post that will grab the attention of users. 

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