Everybody adores The Rock, and there’s been jabber for quite a long time that Dwayne Johnson could one day go for President of the United States. His NBC sitcom, Young Rock, is even based around that idea. It wouldn’t be distantly hard to envision him, at last, making progress from grappler to entertainer to legislator (more outlandish applicants have discovered their way to the White House).

Black Adam Actor Dwayne Johnson Comment On President

Presently, the Black Adam star has now reacted to a new survey which found that without him in any event, battling, 46% of individuals are energetic about Johnson one day become U.S. President.

It isn’t so much that hard to picture. Given what an agreeable, sensible individual he is, Johnson could be a resource for the U.S. president. Furthermore, what unfathomable poverty to newfound wealth story would make, from having $7 in his pocket as a young person to turning into a WWE Superstar and probably the greatest entertainer on earth, to the most influential man on earth!

Who can say for sure what may occur down the line? However, The Rock has said that he would genuinely consider a Presidential run if and when he feels everything looks good.

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