Hello Charlie Movie Review: If Hello Charlie helps you remember something at that point, it’s Ranbir Kapoor’s Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani, less satire. Even though the film producers attempted to make it an outdated caricature likely, they flopped horribly, leaving the crowd frustrated.

The Plot

On the off chance that one is approached to work on this film’s plot, it’s simply this: A very rich person fraudster MD Makwana (played by Jackie Shroff) attempting to escape from the country. Furthermore, how does his sweetheart (played by Elnaaz Norouzi) plan to do that? By masking him as a gorilla and transport him to Diu, from where he would get away. Then again, Chirag Rastogi, otherwise known as Charlie, played by Aadar Jain, has come to Mumbai to bring in cash so he can take care of his late dad’s credit. Nonetheless, he winds up turning into a transporter in whose truck Makwana will be shipped in the appearance of a gorilla. Hello Charlie likewise attempts to acquire a sentiment in the middle; however that was additionally left inadequate and wasn’t introduced well.

The plot is excessively unsurprising, with no good and bad times. With regards to the peak, it will help you to remember Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani.

The Cast

Aadar Jain is assuming the part of Chirag Rastogi, also known as Charlie. Considering that Aadar was returning after a hole of just about three years, he ought to have been somewhat careful while choosing content. Maybe, it isn’t his flaw altogether since creators had squeezed Aadar’s acting with Jackie simply feigning exacerbation inside a gorilla’s outfit. Aside from this, one probably won’t discover any innovation in Aadar Jain’s acting. Yet, it may help you remember his cousin Ranbir Kapoor. The film also includes Girish Kulkarni as an adroit carnival proprietor, Rajpal Yadav as a backwoods officer and Bharat Ganeshpure as a veterinarian who goes about as a full-time boozer. By and large, the film is a finished misuse of the ability of these incredible entertainers.

The Comedy

Regardless of whether this film is made for families and children, it needs humour. It instead comes out as obsolete. Exchanges, activities and each scene attempt to endeavour to make the crowd giggle, however oh, all to no end. It instead gets irritating after a point and bores the group. It is his careless parody that makes the film unendurable.

Hello Charlie Movie Review Conclusion

Anyway, is the film worth watching? We’ll surrender that to you. Secure your safety belts and watch them at your danger. If you want to close your TV separates, go on.

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