Is the Jakarta Earthquake a sign of a Tsunami for Indonesia?

Jakarta Earthquake

Is the Jakarta Earthquake a sign of a Tsunami for Indonesia?


JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) — The country’s meteorology office reported that a huge 6.7-magnitude earthquake occurred off Indonesia’s Java island on Friday, leading some inhabitants in Jakarta to abandon buildings in fear.

The jakarta earthquake struck 52 kilometres (32 miles) off the coast of Banten province at a depth of 10 kilometres, according to Indonesia’s meteorology agency (BMGK), but did not create a tsunami.

The tremors were felt powerfully in Jakarta by jakarta earthquake.

“I was terrified because there was such a tremendous tremor,” Ani, a 38-year-old Jakarta resident and nanny, said.

“As soon as I felt it, I grabbed my employer’s kid and dashed downstairs.”

The tremor was also felt in West Java province and Lampung, Sumatra island.

A disaster spokeswoman for Indonesia When asked if any damage had been reported, the mitigation agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Indonesia lies in the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” a seismically active zone where different plates of the earth’s crust collide, resulting in a slew of earthquakes and volcanoes.

A 7.4-magnitude earthquake shook eastern Indonesia last month, generating a tsunami warning and forcing inhabitants to abandon their houses, but only causing minimal damage.

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