Best Stocks to Buy in 2022, if this question is in your mind, then this article will help you to give the best answers to your question. Due to the pandemic, the stock market is close to its low level, but in 2022 it is moving upward. So this is the right time for the investor to buy the stocks. 

An investor can buy a stock for intraday or the long term. In this article, we explain the stocks suitable for the investor to take a higher return for long-term investment.

list of Best Stocks to Buy in 2022

Alphabet Inc. or Google 

Google is the top company for the USA in terms of its capital worth or value. These large-cap stocks have been the stock market leader for many years.

GOOGLE, being a top-tier large-cap growth stock, trades at a price-earnings ratio of slightly under 29, which is nearly comparable to the larger S&P 500 index. 

Analysts estimate GOOGL earnings to grow at a rate of 24 per cent each year over the next five years, compared to 15 per cent for Apple Inc. (AAPL), the belle of the party, which trades at 31 times earnings. so it may be the Best Stocks to Buy in 2022

Alphabet’s primary internet advertising business is still booming; YouTube revenue is up more than 43 per cent in the most recent quarter, and the Google Cloud business is growing.

A return to profitability would be a huge win for investors. Although cloud operations aren’t profitable — despite $4.99 billion in revenue last quarter, up 45 per cent year over year, Alphabet reported a $644 million operating loss – margins are increasing. 

The flexibility of Alphabet’s long-losing “other bets” section, where it takes large risks on big ideas, is also appealing.

 Furthermore, if management becomes dissatisfied with other investments, shutting down the division would have resulted in an additional $1.3 billion in operating profits in the last quarter alone.

Microsoft Corporation 

For whatever reason, leaving Microsoft out of every tech investor’s favourite acronym: FAANG was a huge mistake. The business was forced to split up in 2000 due to antitrust violations before winning an appeal and subsequently settling with the federal government. 

Microsoft has deftly escaped the brunt of the government’s growing anti-Big Tech fervour. Modern-day Microsoft is cloud-centric, with practically every element of the company geared toward bolstering its Azure cloud computing platform.

This high-margin, fast-growing service is the second-largest cloud provider behind only AWS. Its monopolistic position in operating systems (Windows) and productivity software (Office and Office 365) generates consistent cash flows, which it can reinvest in the business. this may be the Best Stocks to Buy in 2022.

ASML Holding NV

Peter Thiel, a billionaire investor who founded PayPal Holdings Inc. 

(PYPL) and was an early investor in the firm formerly known as Facebook Inc. (FB), is well-known for his dislike of competition.

According to this viewpoint, firms and investors should seek a monopoly-like situation. ASML Holding NV is based in the Netherlands (ASML). And ASML, a technological corporation based in the Netherlands with a market capitalization of almost $320 billion, has one of the most valuable. 

ASML is the only company globally that makes extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines, which are used by semiconductor foundries and big chipmakers to build the world’s most powerful processors. so this is also in the list of Best Stocks to Buy in 2022.

ASML is the company that is keeping the trend of ever smaller, denser, and more power-efficient chips alive at the highest levels.

The entrance barriers are extremely high – ASML spent decades researching this technology, and each EUV lithography equipment costs around $150 million and is roughly the size of a bus – and demand is expected to stay strong. At the same time, the worldwide chip scarcity persists beyond 2022.

Medifast Inc.

Medifast specializes in fast food (MED).

Medifast, a multilevel marketing firm that manufactures, distributes, and sells weight-loss foods, is next on the list of top stocks to buy in 2022. Medifast, a repeat pick from the 2020 list, when shares returned an impressive 86 per cent, is again undervalued after virtually trading sideways in 2021, despite an enviable year of growth that saw revenue rise 52 per cent last quarter. 

Medifast shares trade for less than 15 times earnings, indicating a “growth at a reasonable price” opportunity, with analysts forecasting annual earnings growth of 20% over the next five years. With no debt, a 2.9 per cent yield, and a corporate insider recently buying nearly $1 million worth of MED, MED is a great investment. that why this is the Best Stocks to Buy in 2022.

EOG Resources Inc. 

is a company that specializes in oil and gas exploration (EOG)

Anyone compiling a list of the finest stocks to purchase in 2022 would be remiss if they left out a pick that would gain from inflation. EOG, a U.S.-based oil and natural gas company with a market capitalization of more than $50 billion, enters the picture.

The company offers a 1.8 per cent sustainable dividend, and it trades for less than nine times forward earnings. Although oil prices were nearly equal today, EOG traded at a 33 per cent discount to its top in October 2018. With November’s 6.8% inflation reading – the highest in nearly 40 years – investors should expect commodities such as oil to continue to rise. Often referred to as an

It is at the edges that the opportunity exists. Because its net margins are smaller than those of its larger peer, each incremental percentage-point increase strongly influences earnings growth. The company’s view in its excellent valuation is reflected in its share buybacks, which decreased 8.2 per cent year over year.

Upstart Holdings Inc.

is a private company based in New York City (UPST)

This high-risk bet is not for the faint of heart, but it has a lot of upside potential in the long run. Upstart is an artificial-intelligence-driven disruptor in the credit-scoring sector, which has long been dominated by the FICO score from Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO).

Upstart makes some bold promises, claiming that lenders that use its technology report a 75 per cent reduction in loan defaults. Upstart’s technology is also proving to be useful, with bank collaborations increasing from 10 at the time of its December 2020 IPO to 31 by its November earnings call. this low buget Best Stocks to Buy in 2022 for your portfolio.

The addressable market for Upstart is likewise rapidly expanding. What started with personal loans is growing into the much larger vehicle loan sector, with larger fish like mortgages expected to follow shortly.

Visa Inc.

is a corporation based in the United States (V)

Due to its great track record, strong margins, consistency, and incredible competitive advantages, credit card behemoth Visa rarely offers tempting entry points, trading at a premium to the rest of the market. Despite payment volume recovering from pre-pandemic levels in the most recent quarter, the fiscal fourth quarter, and the firm boldly declaring a 17 per cent increase in its quarterly cash dividend, this is the case. this is also in the list of Best Stocks to Buy in 2022.

However, despite a minor decline in 2021, shares have remained unchanged since their February 2020 highs. Inc. (AMZN) is now considering prohibiting U.K.-issued Visa cards from its site due to high costs, which is partly to blame for the opportunity with Visa. Visa’s CEO has stated that he believes the dispute will be addressed.


The above discussed “Best Stocks to Buy in 2022” all evergreen stocks of USA stocks exchange. These stocks are in the large market cap, so this is less versatile in the market. These stocks are also in the portfolio of share market icons. As you know, the share market is subject to market risk, so you should do complete research to buy any stocks.

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