Martin Luther King was born Michael King Jr. He was an American minister and an activist who became the leader in America’s civil rights movement from January 15 1929 to April 1968. He is the first President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 

The King was married in 1953 to Coretta Scott. Some people call him Mahatma Gandhi of America. He was seen today as a symbol of human rights. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. King was the second of three children to Alberta King and Michael King. 

King had an older sister named Christine King Farris and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel (A.D King). His maternal grandfather’s name was Adam Daniel Williams, a rural minister in Georgia. Still, he moved to Atlanta in 1893 and became a pastor of the Atlanta located Ebenezer Baptist Church in the same year. 

His grandfather married Jennie Celeste Parks. He attained his high school education in Atlanta. To enter into the ministry, he enrolled in Morehouse College. Michael King and Alberta King started dating in 1920, and they were married on November 25, 1926. Martin Luther King was born on the second floor of her parent’s two-story Victorian house.

Early Childhood of Martin Luther King 

The King and their two siblings take an interest in reading the Bible. At his childhood home, Their father instructed them to read the Bible. After dinner, King’s grandmother Jennie told stories from the Bible to her grandchildren. The Father of the King uses whips to maintain the discipline between his children.  

King’s father remarked that Martin was a different child. Whenever I whipped him, he would never cry. Once when King saw that his brother A.D witnessed his sister named Christine, then he took a telephone and knocked out A.D. 

King attended a school for black children named Yonge Street Elementary School. King became friends with a white boy; his father owned a business across the street from his family home.

While his close friend went to a separate school for white children only, after some years, the parents of the white boy stopped allowing Martin to play with their son; they said that we are white people and you are black people. After hearing this, King had a long discussion about racism and slavery in America with their parents. Upon learning of the violence and hatred black people had faced, King stated that he would start hating every white person. But his parents told him that it was his Christian duty to love every person no matter if they were black or white.

When the father of Martin Luther King took him into a shoe store to buy shoes for him in downtown Atlanta, the store clerk told him that they had to sit in the back to buy shoes. But King’s father refused to buy shoes and told them, “we would buy shoes by sitting here, or we would not buy shoes at all”. After leaving the store, he told the King I don’t care how long I have to live with this system, and I will never accept it. 

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King day is the official Birthday of Martin King Luther, Jr. Some people call this day Martin Luther King (MLK) Day. It is a complete and compulsory holiday in the United States. Each and every year this holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King’s actual birthday is January 15, which fell on a Tuesday. (UMHA) Uniform Monday Holiday Act set this day as a holiday.

King was the chief spokesperson for Civil Rights Movement, which protests racial discrimination in federal and state law. In all 50 states of the U.S, this holiday was observed for the first time in 2000. President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday.  

In contract negotiations, this holiday was promoted by labour unions. U.S Representative and U.S Senator introduced a bill to make Martin Luther King Birthday a national holiday.   

Alternative Names:

  • In Idaho: Idaho Human Rights Day – Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • In Mississippi: Robert E. Lee’s Birthdays and Martin Luther King’s. 
  • In New Hampshire: Martin Luther Jr. Civil Rights Day.
  • In Virginia: This day was known as Lee-Jackson-King Day; it is combined with the established Lee-Jackson Day. But In 2020, this day was eliminated. 
  • In Wyoming: This day was known as Wyoming Equality Day and Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • In Alabama: Martin Luther King Birthday/Robert E. Lee.
  • In Arkansas: The day In Arkansas was known as Robert E. Lee’s Birthday and Dr Martin Luther King and Jr’s Birthday from 1985 to 2017. In March 2017, the government moved the commemoration of Lee to October month. 
  • In Arizona: Civil Rights Day/Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. quotes 

Martin Luther Jr. wants to say in this quote that love everyone and everyone will love you in this quote.  

In this quote, King Martin Luther wants to say Our lives started ending when we didn’t speak about important things like the King did when he protested against racism.

This quote describes the end of life. In the end, Our minds start realising about our faithful family and friends; they stand out with us in every situation.

In this quote, Martin says in every condition, you have to keep moving forward to achieve your goal or anything that you want to accomplish in your life.

In this quote, Martin Luther wants to describe that you must take a position where you are not safe and confident. But you have to stand out in that position for yourself and your society. 

This quote describes a man. He wants to say that individuals should have faith in themselves, even when they have no idea what to do or what not to do.


So, this was a blog about Martin Luther King. He is a real king who stands out in the bad times of the United States. He helped black people and decreased the racism between white and black people. Martin Luther King Jr. served the United States from 1957 to 1968. He worked hard for black people.  

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