Gaspard Ulliel, a French actor who was supposed to star in Marvel’s upcoming TV series Moon Knight, died at 37.

His relatives told AFP that Gaspard Ulliel died on Wednesday in the Alps after a skiing accident. He is a very famous actor in France, has started his career in films such as It’s Only the End of the World and Saint Laurent, a biography of the famous French designer.

On Tuesday, the actor was skiing in the Savoie region when he crashed with another individual.

He was taken to a hospital in Grenoble after suffering severe head trauma, where he died the next day.

According to a Wednesday statement from the Albertville prosecutor’s office, the accident occurred on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Ulliel collided with another skier after leaving the top of a blue ski line, and both fell to the ground, according to the statement. The other skier escaped with minor injuries.

According to the statement, Ulliel was unconscious and lying still in the snow when the rescue crew arrived.

Gaspard Ulliel was taken to the adjacent Grenoble University Hospital Centre on Wednesday afternoon, where his death was announced.

With the help of investigators from the Alps security police, a judicial investigation has been begun.

About Gaspard Ulliel

  • Gaspard was a well-known actor who had won numerous awards.

According to IMDB, Gaspard was born on November 25, 1984, and grew up surrounded by the arts. 

His father was a fashion designer, while his mother was a runway show producer. Gaspard Ulliel appeared to be doomed to appear in front of the camera. In 1997, he was a Mission protection rapprochée, which was his first documented post.

 He played the titular Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs prequel in Brotherhood of the Wolf, A Very Long Engagement, The Last Day, and Hannibal Rising.

  • He Belongs To The Marvel Comics Universe.

Gaspard was on the verge of achieving new heights in his career. He was poised to become a pop-culture staple, courtesy to the impending Moon Knight series, after winning honors for his acting prowess. In the Disney+ series, Gaspard plays Anton Morgart/Midnight Man alongside Oscar Isaac (who plays protagonist Moon Knight) and Ethan Hawke.

  • Gaspard Started Acting When He Was A Child.

 In an interview with Eugenie Poumaillou for Crash magazine, Gaspard observes: “I started by accident when I was 11 years old. “One of my mother’s acquaintances had launched an acting agency and was seeking for young people,” she explained. I had no plans to become an actress, but I figured, ‘Why not give it a shot?’ As a result, I was soon doing castings and landing tiny roles in various television shows. I recall how much I enjoyed those first encounters. 

  • Gaspard Ulliel was a Chanel employee.

It was simply a question of time for Gaspard to get involved in the fashion industry because his parents were in it. He was chosen to represent Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel fragrance campaign.

 In 2011 he told British Vogue: “Chanel is the best fashion house in France, but I was cautious when first asked. I thought doing a fashion campaign could be risky for me. I’m not like Brad Pitt or Gerard Depardieu, who has already made a name for themselves in the industry; I’m just getting started.

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