Virtual Reality Games ps4 are most liked by the youngster. this is the future of the gaming industry so it is growing at a very high speed.

We’ve combed through all of the finest PSVR games to compile a definitive list of ten titles that are all worth popping into your PlayStation and plopping onto your head right now. This list includes both games that are only playable in VR and games that can be played on a conventional screen as long as they provide some major VR experiences. We’ve also included information on which controllers are required for each game, so you’ll know whether to bring your DualShock, Move, or Aim controllers. If you still need to buy something, check out our list of the top PlayStation VR offers, and stay tuned for further information on the new PSVR PS5 hardware.

Because you probably already have at least half of what you need to play the top PSVR games, they’re one of the easiest ways to get into an exciting new medium of games. You can start enjoying a tonne of new play experiences almost instantly by inserting a PSVR headset into your PS4 – or a PS5 with an adapter if you’re one of the lucky few who has managed to buy into Sony’s new generation – If you’re looking for new experiences, this list of the top PSVR games will provide them, as well as those games that you may not have realized supported VR in the first place.

1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission Virtual Reality Games ps4

When Sony Japan’s Playroom VR collection was released on PSVR in 2016, there were many thrills, but everyone felt that the third-person platforming minigame, in which a small robot saved his buddies with the help of the player, deserved its own title. Astro Bot is the product of these requests, and it’s even better than most people expected. You’ll find 26 levels of Mario-style platforming here.

It may sound exaggerated, but each of Astro Bot’s levels is jam-packed with innovative ideas that range from endearingly unique to truly ground-breaking. It’s a joy to play from beginning to end, and it never fails to astonish you. Plus, the friendship you’ll build with Astro during this voyage will be powerful.

2. Superhot Virtual Reality Games ps4

If you’ve ever played Superhot, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with how it might work in virtual reality. If you haven’t already, this is an excellent place to begin. Because time stays (nearly) still except when you move, Superhot plays more like a puzzle game than a frenzied shooter. This gives you plenty of time to think out how you’re going to survive a room full of glowing red guys with rifles and shotguns aimed at you. Usually, the solution entails a lot of Matrix-style bullet dodging, bottle-throwing, and seizing guns from fallen opponents. You’ll undoubtedly feel like Neo, whichever solution you come up with.

3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

We never expected a game based on The Walking Dead to have some of the best design and user interaction in VR, but Saints & Sinners delivers all of that and more. With Bone works-style, physics-based combat that has you battling with swarms of zombies, putting every ounce of effort you can summon into every swing and stab, this sets the bar for VR zombie games.

This isn’t a wacky sandbox or a wave-based survival game, though (though it now has that too). Saints & Sinners is a full-fledged VR experience that takes you on a journey through the ruins of New Orleans. Add human foes, side quests, and the ability to kill zombies with a spoon, and you’ve got yourself a game.

4. Falcon Age

Falcon Age is a game about fighting oppression with your wits, your tools, and your cute bird friend. It’s also a game about collecting hats and toys because you love your bird friend with all your heart and want to see what they look like as a little cowboy. The game is playable both in and out of VR, but for the best experience, you’ll keep your headset firmly planted and your Move controllers ready.

]You spend your time in Falcon Age travelling from your home village to various sites that have been occupied by robot colonizers. Your falcon can distract enemies, allowing you to follow up with a finishing blow from your own minimal kit of weaponry. Then on the way back, you can have your bird buddy retrieve distant goodies so you can cook them stat-improving treats. You know what, forget the first two things I said at the start of this paragraph – it really is all about that bird.

5. Superhot Virtual Reality Games ps4

Superhot is without a doubt the most immediately rewarding VR game. The flatscreen version was fantastic, but the creator dramatically transforms the game by incorporating your entire body into this breakthrough shooter. Time moves only when you do in Superhot (stop me if you’ve heard this before). That means that when you’re motionless, so is the rest of the world. The universe crawls into life every time you raise your arm or duck your head. You’re simply a video player for humans.

Superhot brings you face to face with the physicality of virtual reality and what it means for gaming. It’s an experience in which you’re fully aware of your entire body. It also makes it simple to do so.It also makes it easy to seem great in VR; every pistol catch or ninja star toss comes with an astounding thread of sleek delight that you won’t find anywhere else. Superhot VR is the gold standard for VR shooters right now, and one of the greatest PSVR games in our opinion.

Bottom lines

There’s a case to be made for keeping virtual reality games from becoming too violent, but Gorn rips the debate’s jaw off and then beats it to death with its own arms.

Free Lives has jumped all the way to the other side of the canyon, spilling a ridiculous amount of blood in the process, before we walk into the murky ground of realism.’ Gorn is all about being the last man remaining in a gladiator arena, and there are few regulations that prevent you from doing so.

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