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What are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

What are the use cases of NFTs?

Four types of blockchain games that can be built on NFTs.

When to use NFTs instead of ERC-20 tokens.

Why Non-Fungible Tokens are so important.

What are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

I’ll tell you. It’s a deal that includes stuff that can be unique and can be owned. You see, there have been many instances where people have tried to classify digital things that can be owned. 

These digital things are often known as things that are not fungible. So what is a fungible good? This is a good that can be considered as the same as any other good in a set of goods.

You can find Non-fungible tokens today in crypto-collectibles like Cryptokitties and Etheremon. 

These games are the perfect example of the usage of NFTs. They can be collected and can be owned by a player. These are made in such a way that they can be unique. You see, in Etheremon, the monsters have different movesets, different stats, and different levels. This means that each monster is unique. these are the main difference of Crypto vs NFTs.

What are the use cases of NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an exciting new advancement in the crypto space. They allow for the trading of unique goods in video games, virtual goods and more. In this article, we will explain what they are and how they benefit the industry. 

Tokens that can be traded and used in various ways are called fungible tokens. They are used in a wide range of applications and are quite popular. An example of a fungible token is Ethereum (ETH) which can be traded for goods and services as well as swapped for other cryptos.

NFTs, on the other hand, are non-fungible from Crypto vs NFTs.

They can be used on the blockchain for different purposes, but each individual token will be different. 

In other words Non-fungible tokens are a new form of digital value that is used in blockchain technologies. If you’re familiar with crypto-collectibles, non-fungible tokens are similar to that. The difference is that NFTs can be applied to more than just collectibles. 

They can also be used in various industries. Financial assets, real estate, and other types of assets can all be tokenized. Non-fungible tokens are able to be traded, sold, and distributed. They’re also able to be tracked due to the use of the blockchain.

Four types of blockchain games that can be built on NFTs.

from Crypto vs NFTs,Blockchain games or decentralised games have been a big area of interest for developers. There are many reasons why blockchain games can be so successful, including the fact that they are completely open to everyone and they can increase the level of ownership.

However, there are four categories of blockchain games that are particularly interesting to consider. Here are the four types of blockchain games:

 (1) Collectible Games,

 (2) Asset Games, 

 (3) Equal Opportunity Games, and

 (4) Pay-to-Play Games.

When it comes to blockchain games, it can be hard to understand what the possibilities are for what you can build. There are a lot of different options when it comes to creating a game. 

The easiest way to get started is by simply brainstorming ideas. It’s also important to note that blockchain-based games can overlap with other industries such as games and art. Here are four blockchain game ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own game!

When to use NFTs instead of ERC-20 tokens. Why it lead from Crypto vs NFTs

One of the most popular use cases for Ethereum is for ERC-20 tokens, which represent the ownership of a specific application or utility. These tokens are comparable to gift cards from a major retailer, like Amazon.com or Target.com. Like a gift card, the tokens can be used to make purchases in the associated store. Crypto vs NFTs is thebroad topic in this field

However, not all stores accept gift cards, and each gift card has different restrictions and rules. Applications that use ERC-20 tokens can have similar characteristics. If you want to use the gift card in a small store, or if you are trying to use the gift card on a Sunday, you may run into the same issues associated with ERC-20 tokens. That is to say, your ERC-20 token may not be accepted, or it may not work at all.

How Ethereum and Blockchain will help us in the future.

In the present, Blockchain is used for different cryptocurrencies, and it is widely known for the infamous Bitcoin. 

But besides the currencies, Blockchain is going to change the world for good. You see, Blockchain allows you to make all kinds of transactions, even the ones of sensitive information, without any visible transaction fee. 

How is this possible? Due to the fact Because the Blockchain database is decentralized, which means that you don’t have to pay a third party to have the transaction validated. Besides, you also don’t have to worry about the security of your information as they are encrypted. According to experts, Blockchain will be widely used in the future as it will allow you to make fast, secure, and anonymous transactions.

Why Non-Fungible Tokens are so important.

The crypto-verse is going crazy over non-fungible tokens. Most of us are probably already aware of what they are, but maybe you’re still wondering why they’re such a big deal. 

A non-fungible token is a digital asset that you can use to represent the ownership of a physical asset. For example, a painting, a car, a house, a piece of land.

Although the physical asset can be separated from its digital representation, the digital asset can’t be separated from its physical counterpart. That’s why non-fungible tokens are such an exciting piece of the crypto-verse because they give us a way to own things digitally.


Non-Fungible tokens are here to stay and you should learn what they are and how they can help your business. As we saw, non-fungible tokens are unique in that they are tied to a specific entity and are the most common in the video game industry. 

As blockchain technology grows, the video game industry is becoming a hub for these tokens because they provide an additional layer of security and protection of digital assets. As the world becomes more digitalized and continues down this path, we can expect to see a growth in non-fungible tokens as well!

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