Buying jewelry for your loved ones is not that easy. You may have some ideas about these crystals and their importance, but you need a detailed study to finalize the stone. 

Crystals are awesome, and you will find a crystal shop near your place that sells these gemstones, but you need to know about the quality/feature of each of these stones. Knowing about these crystals will help you a lot in selecting the perfect stone for the person you love. 

The article will list the stones with different qualities and how they bring different things to one’s life. These crystals can touch and influence a person’s chakra and change the way one thinks and functions. 

Chakra influencing stones have been a great help for people suffering from a lack of confidence, love, and energy. Each stone will bring something to your life and fill it with positive vibes. Read on to understand the various properties of these stones. 

Rose Quartz

This beautiful stone helps people realize the importance of self-love. If you believe anyone you know lacks self-love and love from their close ones, Rose crystal is the ideal gift option for them. 

Rose Quartz touches the chakra of the heart and makes one’s love life beautiful by bringing love, tenderness, and compassion. Now, if you have someone who needs some love, you know the crystal to give them.


This is the stone that reduces stress and anxiety in people. If you know someone who’s suffering from stress and constantly having anxiety attacks, this crystal will help them calm down. This stone connects to one’s crown chakra and brings out clarity and confidence in their life. 

One can utilize this stone to succeed in life. If you know any students or children having trouble with their studies and constantly worrying about the exams, this stone is the perfect one for them.


This stone is for creative minds. If your artist friends are having trouble coming up with new ideas or creative thoughts, this stone is the one you should give them. This stone also helps calm down the mind and soothes it gradually.

Red Jasper

This one is one of the finest stones you will find in a crystal shop. It is also an excellent gift for couples. Red Jasper makes you go back to your interests, awaken sexuality, and assists couples find equilibrium, understanding, and a flow of good vibes in the relationship. If you know someone failing to show intimacy or feeling a lack of energy, then Red Jasper can do the trick.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone is for those who need to improve their communication with their family. This stone has been known to be influenced by Goddess Venus and help families bond with harmony.


People who need to lessen their insecurities and bring inner power will need this stone. This stone brings light to the illusions and removes all insecurities, and helps succeed in life. Gifting this stone to someone who seems a little lost in their lives and struggles to get in touch with themselves and reality is a good idea.


It is a beautiful stone to gift someone who needs some sunshine in their life. This stone has some magical prowess that brings energy to one’s life and makes them more confident and comfortable.

Now that you understand the qualities of these stones, it’s time to pick one stone from a crystal shop for the person you care about and want to help.

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