Women may have a million problems but none of them compares to the nightmare that is periods. The one thing all women truly and unitedly hate would be periods. Not only is it draining and exhausting, but it also makes women excessively moody, irritable, and weak. 

The urge to just shut down and retreat to one’s own bed is so strong that most women feel like they are dragging themselves through the day. 

Having a good period companion ergo, a hot water bottle, a pain pill and the Rio sanitary pads that are the best sanitary pads on the market can all help make this time as comfortable as possible for women. That said, there are plenty of options in the market, and choosing the right options can be extremely helpful through these tough times.

Period Cramps

As if periods were not bad enough, period cramps make for the icing on this cake (pun intended). Period cramps are short bursts of pain in the lower abdomen that can radiate to the lower back and thighs and make period pain worse. 

They come and go in wave-like motion more often when the blood moves from the uterus through the vaginal opening. These cramps are similar to contractions that occur in early labor. It is the same process that the uterus adapts in both these scenarios. 

Period cramps are similar to early labour contractions since the uterus tries to push the blood out just like in labour where the uterus is trying to move the baby out of the uterus. 

These pains come in short bursts and like waves and they keep coming and going in the first few days of periods. Some women are unfortunate enough to have them throughout their periods as well. But most women have confirmed that these cramps last not more than one to two days. 

Making periods as easy on one’s own self is helpful for not only themselves but for everyone around them. Using good quality, soft, and breathable fabric underwear can help in keeping the body cool and help in reducing the tension on the lower body. 

Best sanitary pads that help efficiently soak blood without having to worry about staining and leaking are a must. Having to deal with bleeding along with the pain can be quite frustrating for some women, rendering them helpless and restricting their daily lives. 

Managing Period Cramps

Below are some trusted methods to deal with period cramps as advised by Gynaecologists:

  1. OTC Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs such as Meftal and Spasmonil have been tagged safe for consumption and use for all women during periods. These pain relievers can ease the muscles and help in better flow of the blood and therefore help with the pain.

  1. Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles and bags are the oldest tricks in the books. Heat is proven to relax muscles and therefore help with blood flow placing a hot water bag can give some much-needed comfort.

  1. Essential Oils

Just like in labor, taking your mind off by focussing on pleasing things can help in calming one’s yourself and help with the pain. In this regard, essential oils and aromatherapy have some relief for women.

  1. Relaxation Techniques

Aromatherapy, acupuncture, and meditation claim to help with period pains. Some yoga forms also have certain effects that help with muscle spasms and pain. Using breathable fabrics, loose clothing, best sanitary pads, and kicking back with a hot beverage also helps.

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