There was a time when marketing was mostly restricted to distributing flyers and brochures. With the advent of the Internet, email marketing revolutionized. But today, businesses follow numerous other effective marketing strategies to survive the market competition. Thanks to technology, businesses have started adapting new and innovative marketing techniques to promote their brands and increase conversion rates. One such type of marketing strategy is creating engaging videos.

Earlier, using a superior quality video marketing strategy was a game of big business houses. They had enough capital and workforce to invest in such lucrative strategies. Small businesses couldn’t even think of making hi-end marketing videos due to stringent financial conditions and limited resources. But now, as we enter 2022, making promotional videos is not a big thing, even for small business owners.

Rather it has become an essential part of marketing strategy. You can easily convey your message to prospective clients or customers effectively through promotional video marketing. You need to connect with your audience to convince them to become loyal customers. Such videos will help to build trust between you and your audience. Here we will highlight excellent video ideas that will help you gain brand popularity and growth.

Product Videos

Your customers will always want to know more about your products. A product update video works perfectly to keep them updated with all requisite information. These videos will create awareness among customers regarding the new changes and upgrades introduced to your product or services. Also, you can highlight the additional features of a product so that customers highly accept it.

They need to know the purpose and functioning techniques of the product. Only then they would consider it for purchasing. A good product video is beneficial for small businesses as the audience will spend more time going through the video. Thus, increasing the chance of conversions. Remember, the video should be engaging, and only then your audience will continue watching it till the end.

Tutorial Videos

Product-related queries are common with customers. As a small business enterprise, you can grow and retain your customer base by educating them about your products. You can share your ideas and experience in the form of video tutorials so that they can comprehend a particular product/service in a better way.

The video tutorials should have proper demonstrations and explanations regarding the target product/service. The video should not be too long. It has to be professional-sounding and engaging. These videos are intended to answer the common questions that generally arise in customers’ minds. It will help gain their confidence and result in customer retention and growth.

Promotional Videos

As a small business, you can create brand awareness and build enthusiasm among customers for any upcoming product-related activity. You can educate the audience about the latest event by adding a flavor of personal touch through promotional videos. The videos should be short but must include detailed information about the promotional event. The event can be the opening of a new store or the launching of a new product line. Also, a Call-to-Action Button will work wonders in encouraging new registrations.

The final intention of this video is to generate new leads and audiences. Attending a live event is not always possible. However, if you host virtual events, people would be more excited to view them. A little bit of effort by shooting a short personal invite is more appealing and profitable.

Social Media Stories

Social media stories are simple to create and an easy crowd puller. You don’t need a hi-end technology to make such videos. A smartphone is good enough to go ahead with it. A small business video that would include how things operate within your business, the kind of raw materials used, and the people working there will help the audience connect with the brand.

People look for real stories, and the moment you share the real picture (behind the scenes) of your business, it will surely attract a lot of audiences. You can build a strong relationship of trust with your audience through social media stories. Remember, it is always easy to connect with transparent people.

Testimonial Videos

Other humans highly influence the human mind. Before buying a product/service, people look for reviews or comments posted by other people on that particular product/service. Such reviews or comments are good enough to influence the reader to decide whether or not to purchase the product. Keeping this in mind, customer testimonial videos can do miracles to boost your product credibility and business.

Genuine testimonial videos showing real customers sharing their feedback on a specific product effectively build trust and gain new customers. Make sure your testimonial videos are short and crisp, falling within the duration of five to ten minutes. Such video footage can be either shot by your production team or anyone from the customer’s end and shared with you.

Social Media Videos

Social media is a great platform to stream videos from your small-scale business. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or all of them, you can attract traffic on these platforms by hosting crisp and engaging videos. Audiences from all age groups are found on social media, not just millennials. They generally like short videos, so better don’t drag the video content.

The video duration should not be more than 2 minutes. If possible, 30 second or lesser-duration video would be ideal for the social media platforms. That’s because most audiences would be viewing it on their smartphones and would not spend much time on a particular video. The popularity of the video can be measured by the number of views, likes, comments, and shares it gets.

You can post videos on Facebook or host a Facebook live to introduce new products, and educate your viewers about the price, utility, features, warranty, accessories, etc. Such videos provide a more personalized experience for the audience and win new customers. Create short Instagram reels to attract potential customers. It will help drive more traffic and result in conversions and business growth.

Post videos on Twitter to promote your products. Twitter accounts for more than a billion viewers for several videos daily. Your video should be short and include the logo of the company. Also, don’t miss the subtitles so that your viewers don’t have to use headphones.


In this age of the Internet, where things happen with just a click, it becomes imperative for a small business to adopt the latest trending marketing strategies. The Internet is flooded with numerous videos from different small-scale business houses. To survive in this cut-throat competition, it is important to convince the audience with unique and engaging marketing videos. This will help boost more traffic, improve ranking and result in growth.

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