Christian finance is an honest financial service that follows Christian ethics. The purpose of such a financial service is to help the needy. There are several Christian financial planning services nowadays, and you need to be careful while choosing one. 

Here are some tips for selecting the perfect Christian financial planning service. 


A Christian financial advisor is not a salesperson, and they should not behave like one. A trustworthy advisor will put your interest first. The service will not make decisions for you, nor will they guide/force you to make any. 

Instead, they will provide checks and balances to your choices while keeping your best interests at heart. Most importantly, the financial service should work according to the core principles that lead to success in holy stewardship. 


You need to connect with the advisor and have an excellent open conversation with them to build trust. Since you will be discussing personal matters with the financial advisor, the relationship should flow in both ways. 

In other words, you need to look for Christian financial planning services that share your values and understand your life as a Christian, and financial assistance should lead the way to manage your money. 


To provide the best financial solutions or guidance, the advisor must understand you and your unique needs. Hence the best advisor asks questions. The advisor may ask tough and thought-provoking questions that might make you uncomfortable. However, these questions aim to understand your requirements and provide relevant solutions. 

Moreover, the service should also take accountability for their solutions/guidance because your decisions would be based on the reflection of the deep conversations. 


Financial advisors have several certifications, but Christian financial advisors can choose CKA or the reputed certified ones via Kingdom Advisor. For this certification, they must:

  • Have held industry-approved designation like CLU, AAMS, CIMA, CFA, EA, ChFC, and CPA OR CPF or have at least ten years of expertise in a particular CKA discipline, including accounting and financial planning, law, investments, or insurance. 
  • Should have completed the university-recognized educational program.
  • Offer a minimum of two non-family or related client references and one pastoral reference. 
  • Should have completed ten years of continuing education training each year to maintain the certification.

Follow the Principle of Biblically Responsible Investing 

When selecting a Christian financial planning service, know the details about their investment partners. A genuine Christian service will only endorse companies that positively impact their surroundings. They should engage with companies to create a positive biblical change. And it should exclude companies involved in immoral issues. 

The financial planning service should ensure that you do not miss the biblical calling while investing. The agency should have good stewards who plan well for God’s resources. Therefore, you should ask as many questions before entrusting your money to these stewards. 

Finding a Christian financial planning service is similar to searching for other financial services. While searching, you need to keep to your core values as a center point, and you can find a good match. Stay open-minded during your search, and don’t hesitate to approach multiple financial services.

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