Google Doodle Games are a collection of unique games and activities from Google. They’re created by both professional developers and amateurs and cover a range of game genres and types.
From classic card and board games to puzzle based games, there’s something for everyone and all skill levels. Doodle Games are one of the most visited areas of Google’s website, and continue to introduce users to new games and ideas. With Google Doodle Games, you can create your own doodle, play games and learn in a fun and entertaining environment!

5 Popular Google Doodle Games
Google Pacman
Google Pacman is a fun and challenging version of the classic arcade game. In this game you have to eat as many dots and pellets as you can in the time limit or else you lose. The ghosts also try to get you and they frighten you and they move around the maze. If one of the ghosts gets you you lose one life.

To start the game you press the spacebar and to move you use your arrow keys. If you want to eat a ghost you can press the spacebar. To use a power up you can press the spacebar. You can also get a power up if you eat a power pellet. The ghosts are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. I suggest this game because it is fun, sometimes challenging, and it can make you feel like you are playing the real thing.

Google Pacman was one of the first online games many people played. It was also an early example of a game with a brand tie-in. Because Google had such a strong name at the time, it was a good way for them to get some visibility. The game is still accessible at, but it could be a good way to promote their brand by bringing it back now. Visitors to the site would get to play the original over and over again.

Google Pacman 2

Google Pacman 2 is a fun game where you play as a little Pacman who’s trying to eat all the little dots and run away from the ghosts. It’s very simple to play. You just use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control Pacman. (If you use a laptop or computer, you may have a mouse or touchpad which you can move Pacman around with.) The graphics aren’t really spectacular, but Google Pacman 2 offers something else: endless fun! It’s really addicting, so you might want to watch out even if you’re not a gamer. It’s that fun! It’s a free game, so why not give it a try?

Google A Day to Remember
Google always remembers and celebrates the birthdays of famous people. The most popular search engines do this day in and day out. Google is a day to remember because it uses a special format to show people’s birthdays.
Google’s birthday: 27 September 1998

A person’s birthday is celebrated by Google with a special Doodle. A Doodle is a small picture or animation that appears when you search for information using Google. This is a creative way of remembering people’s birthdays.
The first Doodle was created in 1998. The actual birthday of their famous employee, Larry Page. George Washington’s birthday was the first ever Doodle.

Champion Island Games
Champion Island Games is a small game development company based in Ottawa, Canada. They are working on numerous titles such as Swamp Witch, Pantheon and The Wastelands. Champion Island Games offers great payment and benefits to all their employees.

They also have a range of services to make the workplace a fantastic experience for everyone. Champion Island Games is always looking for talented people to work with. Apply today!

Google Doodle Fruit Ninja
Google doodles are cool, but they are even cooler when they are interactive! For example, the Google Doodle on April 18, 2012, was a Fruit Ninja game. It was a simple, but fun part of the search engine.

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What is the History of Google Doodle Games?

The history of Google Doodle Games starts at the beginning of the internet. The first search engine was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were students at Stanford University.
They called it BackRub. It was a simple search engine that ranked websites by how many times the search terms appeared in the home page. Its main purpose was to help Brin and Page find out which web pages were relevant to their research. The BackRub search engine was later renamed to Google.

Google doodles started out as a simple marketing strategy on the part of their founders. The story of Google doodles started with the birth of Google in 1998, the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page and Brin founded a search engine that ranked websites in order of their popularity.
They wanted to entice people to use their search engine and motivate people to visit their website. The way that they did this was to post a different Google logo on their homepage every day. These logos were often relevant to the day or the season, or they were designed to honor a significant date. Early Google doodles included a special logo that honored Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. They also honored the 175th anniversary of the invention of the pencil.


There are many different kinds of google doodles that can be enjoyed. These include games, interactive images, animations, and even puzzles! There are over 2,000 doodles to be enjoyed on the google homepage. These can be accessed on any mobile or computer. You don’t even have to have a google account in order to play these doodles. Now that you know about google doodles, you can spend your time wisely and have a little fun!

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