2 Sizzling Hot Stocks to Buy Right Now


With the stock market in bear territory and widespread panic in the financial media, sizzling hot stocks may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the market. 


It may appear as though these stocks are scarce. There are, however, under-the-radar equities in unanticipated sectors that are overcoming the gloom and doom, forging ahead


, and generating red-hot returns in 2022. Here are the two finest. The market is forward-looking, so maybe the most pertinent concerns are how they have beaten the bad market pattern 


and whether or not they can continue to outperform in the coming year.

1. WWE: The content machine 

World Wrestling Entertainment's stock price has increased by about 50 percent year-to-date, despite the fact that several market leaders are failing.

2. Bowlero: The bowling empire

Let's move from the wrestling ring to the bowling alley, where Bowlero has reached "hot stock" status with a 55% gain so far in 2022. 

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