Best Drinking Habits for Blood Sugar

We often consider what we eat for our physical health, but what we drink can be a sneaky way of increasing calories and added sugars too!

Drinking our calories can increase blood sugar quickly when these options are not super balanced.

Drinks often lack protein and fiber—two essential nutrients that slow down blood sugar spikes.

Eat breakfast before coffee

Coffee alone may increase stress hormones in the body. Stress hormones can spike blood sugar

Check your added sugars

Many companies have made an effort to reduce added sugars to their products after years of consumer demand for healthier options.

Hydrate consistently

drinking enough water actually dilutes the blood sugar in your bloodstream and can naturally lower elevated glucose.

Choose alcohol wisely

the mixers in alcoholic beverages are the real culprits when it comes to spiking blood sugars.

Balance liquid calories

If you're going to drink your calories, consider creating a balanced option to stabilize blood sugars.

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