Best Instant Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Oatmeal is a timeless, healthy breakfast choice full of fiber and protein, and there are endless possibilities for making your own personalized creation.

Oatmeal is also specifically great for weight loss goals because not only does its fiber content help with your digestion,

 Many nutrition experts recommend stocking up on steel-cut oats or rolled oats

While they're the quickest and easiest oatmeal option, not all instant oatmeal packets will support your health goals in the same way.

the best type of instant oatmeal to buy is anything that comes plain, so that you can add in your own ingredients.

The key when it comes to choosing a healthier instant oatmeal is avoiding the types that come with extra added sugar,

especially because "most instant oatmeals on the market are full of added sugar, colors, other artificial flavors," says Burak.

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