A viral TikTok trend has made people believe that Zendaya is apparently pregnant with Tom Holland's baby. 

Fans have been already shipping for the Spider-Man actors ever since they made their romance public. 

Now, people have fallen for the rumour that has taken the internet by storm. But Zendaya is not Pregnant.

The TikTok trend is misleading people as they are getting #Krissed by the fake stories involving Zendaya and Tom Holland. 

The viral video shows a screenshot of Zendaya's Instagram post sharing her excitement of becoming a mother.

Kris Jenner pops up on screen and trolls the watcher confirming that it was a hoax. 

Twitter users are now having a field day, which has led to several memes and jokes around the Spider-Man actors.

"This hit TikToK as a ki and now y’all in an uproar talking about Zendaya is pregnant ?

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