Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin takes six people into space for 11 minutes

Blue Origin, the space tourism venture of Jeff Bezos, successfully launched its fifth crewed flight on Saturday.

The launch was delayed due to a problem with the New Shepard rocket’s backup system.

The fourth flight of the company, which took off in March, successfully landed in Texas after carrying six passengers.

The flight lifted off 9:25 AM EDT from Launch Site One, the company’s facility in west Texa.

The New Shepard rocket carried six passengers, “It was an honor to fly these individuals,” said Phil Joyce, the company’s senior vice president.

“Each mission is an opportunity to provide another six people the life-changing experience of witnessing the beauty and fragility of our planet from space,” he added.

The crew included Evan Dick, Hamish Harding, Katya Echazarreta, Jaison Robinson, Victor Correa Hespanha and explorer and Victor Vescovo.

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