Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are married - and this time it's legal! The couple legally wed at a courthouse in Santa Barbara, California, on Sunday a source tells ET.

"Kourtney and Travis are now legally married, but plan to have a big wedding at another time," the source says. "This was a smaller, low key event to make their wedding official. There was some family at this event and they took photos to have.”

An eyewitness tells ET that the couple had a photoshoot outside the courthouse in Santa Barbara with family present.

"They posed in a black convertible that had a 'just married' sign and cans rattling from it in the back.

Then exited the car and walked towards the courthouse privately.

Kourtney and Travis were taking pictures outside of the Superior Court of California in Santa Barbara this afternoon for over an hour on the Santa Barbara street of the courthouse.

They posed in the car and walked along the sidewalk, on the steps of the courthouse and by the car. They seemed very in love and looked cute together.

"Kourtney and Travis are planning to have an actual wedding celebration in Italy very soon."

Days after the ceremony, both Kourtney and Travis shared pics of their Vegas adventure on Instagram.

"Travis loves to flaunt their love and can't wait to spend the rest of his life with Kourtney,"