Christopher Comstock, known professionally as Marshmello, is an American electronic music producer and DJ. His songs "Silence", "Wolves", "Friends", and "Alone" have been certified multi-platinum in several countries and appeared in the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Marshmello is one of the most popular faces in the music industry even though his face remains covered, he has still managed to make a place for himself in the world of music.

Marshmallows are great with hot chocolate but right now we are talking about a different Marshmello, one that wears a big helmet.

For a long period, Marshmello’s real identity was kept under the wraps.

But after a while, we got to know who Marshmello is, ladies and gentlemen he is none other than Chris Comstock. He also goes by the name of Dotcom.

“I don’t take my helmet off because I don’t want or need fame. I’m genuinely trying to create something positive for people to connect with.” he tweeted in 2017 giving an answer to all his fans once and for all.

A big credit for the unmasking of his face goes to Skrillex as he posted a video on the occasion of Marshmello’s birthday on May 19, 2016, which was the same day on which Comstock celebrated his birthday.

During an interaction with Katie Couric, Skrillex got a call in the middle of the interview. Katie said “It’s Chris,” to which he replied, “Oh, Marshmello.”

So now you can happily check out more pictures of Marshmello aka Christopher Comstock aka Dotcom on Instagram easily.

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