1. Be Without You

Mary J Blige is truly the Queen of Soul and Hip-hop, and this song is evidence of her lyrical and vocal talent. “Be Without You” is arguably Mary J Blige’s most successful single to date. 

2. Family Affair

 The song contains one of the hardest Dr. Dre beats, and Mary J Blige’s performance is top-notch.

3. Mr. Wrong ft. Drake

In this song, Mary J Blige sings about how she is always attracted to the wrong guy even though her family warns her against it.

4. Be Happy

Mary J Blige’s music is therapy to the ears of many of her fans. What I love most about this song is the fact that you can feel the pain in Mary’s voice, but you can also feel the power and conviction in the way she sings.

5. No More Drama

This song touches your soul and is almost like a gospel song.

6. Real Love

This song was written and produced by Cory Rooney and Mark Morales, who thought Mary J Blige was the best female singer to deliver the message about the pain that females from the hood go through. 

7. I Can Love You ft Lil Kim

“I Can Love You” is one of the most catchy Mary J Blige songs. The song contains additional vocals from Lil Kim, LaTonya Blige-DaCosta, and the video is shot in a house and a forest.

8. We Ride

This song celebrated Mary J blige’s happiness in her newfound husband and manager, Kendu Isaacs