Here Are 10 Interesting Details About Lord Parshuram

1. Legends have it that Parshuram was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva.

2. Following his relentless devotion, he received a Parshu or an axe-like weapon from Lord Shiva - as a boon.

3. It is said that Lord Shiva taught Parshuram the art of warfare.

4. Parshuram was undefeatable in warfare after he was blessed with Lord Shiva’s weapon.

5. Hindu Mythology states that Parshuram was the one who taught the skills of using weapons to famous characters of the Mahabharata like Bhishma, Dronacharya and even Karana.

6. Little is known about Parshuram’s family. He was born to Rishi Jamadgani and Renuka. 

7. It is believed thatLord Parshuram was born at the Janapav hills in Indore. As of today, a Shiva temple is set up on the hilltop, where Parshuram is believed to have meditated and worshiped him. 

8. It is believed that Parshuram still lives on the earth. 

9. Unlike Lord Shiva, Rama, Krishna and other gods, Parshuram is not worshipped as it is believed he is immortal.

10. Legends about Parshuram often talk about anger, violence, and the ill effects these emotions can cause.