Queen Elizabeth’s 10 Daily Habits That Helped Her Live 96 Years

1. Eating breakfast

Queen Elizabeth's breakfast was a routine priority, with breakfast served at 8:30 a.m. sharp. Eating a healthy breakfast has been linked with a longer life

2. Having a pet

Elizabeth was renowned for her love of dogs, especially corgis, and she had a pack of lovely canines. Pet ownership has been shown in studies to improve health 

3. Horseback riding

Being a skilled rider, horses have been a constant in Queen Elizabeth's life since a very young age.

4. Tea time

In the morning, Queen Elizabeth drank some Earl Grey tea. She like her tea without sugar, like many British people, but didn't mind a little milk.

5. Snacking—but in small portions

Although hardly the healthiest food, the Queen reportedly enjoyed them. And according to nutritionists, enjoying pleasures in moderation 

6. Laughing

Elizabeth was frequently captured in mid-laugh because of her keen wit and caustic sense of humor. Her love of a good joke has been the subject of several anecdotes 

7. A loving relationship

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth undoubtedly experienced highs and lows like any other relationship, but considering that they were wed for more than 70 years,

8. Close family and friends

Being a member of a famous family may be challenging. But despite the occasional difficulties, it was obvious that Queen Elizabeth had a close-knit family

9. Enjoying nature

Elizabeth loved gardening and going for walks outside, and she was frequently captured doing both when touring garden exhibitions.

10. Having purposeful work

Serving the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth was Queen Elizabeth's life's work. She genuinely liked what she did! Her "walkabouts" made her famous.

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