Stars are experiencing quakes like Earth

The 'starquakes' also known as non-radial oscillations have been observed on nearly two billion stars in the Milky Way.

They are big movements of stars' crusts which can be so forceful they can actually change the shape of the star.

Scientists made the discovery when they were looking at the latest data release from the Gaia space observatory.

The Gaia space observatory is located about 1.5 million KM from Earth & has 2 telescopes that document the galaxy & its movements.

The information has given researchers better insight into the formation and history of the Milky Way.

"This major data release from Gaia not only allows astronomers to map the distances and motions of some two billion stars in our galaxy,

but it also gives detailed measures of the physical and chemical make up of a large number of those objects for the first time.

New data release creates a detailed bank of information, essentially working as a DNA map that allows us to understand the stellar population of our Galaxy

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